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Whether you are a professional, beginner, or something in between, you and your family deserve the best water ski equipment possible and that is what we do. -- We hope to ski you later!

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Angle and Progression.. Luke talks about gates.

July 23, 2016

Happy days ski world, Regionals have started all around the country meaning nationals are not far behind. It’s grind time! Time to refine and fine-tune the details of our skiing so we can peak at nationals! Last post went into what I like to call the One-Two Punch, emphasizing the good start. Now what is essential to know about having a good start, is that your start itself needs a good start as well. Better stated, you MUST have a good gate. In my opinion the gate is everything. A bad gate can put you behind right from the beginning of the pass.   So what exactly makes for a good gate? Two things (to me, at least) - Angle...

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