Luke Lockwood talks bugs, rewards, renewal and dark time.

March 13, 2016

Luke Lockwood talks bugs, rewards, renewal and dark time.

With the first sets of the season taking place for many and Moomba Masters wrapping up, the early season hype seems to be all abounding. That time of year where we get what my father called “the bug” or “the itch” growing up. That point in the year where you can barely even function right since all you can think about is skiing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at the office, the home, or the classroom. It’s just how being a water skier works.

What about our desire for off-water training though? Or how we eat or prepare ourselves? Under Armour released a video recently starring Michael Phelps. At the very end it says “It’s what you do in the dark that puts you in the light”. After watching an entire video on Michael Phelps’ training habits then reading that, I was pretty pumped. It is true after all. The question remains though, how do we keep ourselves honest in the dark?

I’m a pretty firm believer in self reward. Not that I’m treating myself to a full bowl of ice cream after every workout session, but something to look forward to or having something to renew your spirits is always good, and more so always necessary.

Food is always a good one, but what if we took it to the next level and made it something useful to our training? I have always found that one of the best forms of reward and renewal are to buy new gear.

I’ve got good news for everybody busy reading this because they’re currently aspiring for greatness but don’t want to go to the gym or go cook a healthy dinner; Get A Grip Water Sports has a plethora of vests, gloves and other ski gear deeply discounted and ready to move. If that’s not good enough, the shipping is free for all of you who live in the United States. Go ahead and click HERE to link yourself to all the amazing deals. Before we start surfing for gear though, make sure we spend some honest time in the dark. Shut the laptop and hit the gym. Ill be right behind you.


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