Luke Lockwood tells all about the 22nd Collegiate All-Stars Water Ski Championships

May 16, 2016

Luke Lockwood tells all about the 22nd Collegiate All-Stars Water Ski Championships

NCWSASo I spent the last 5 days north of Seattle at Borderline Lake at the 2016 Collegiate All Star Championships and I think it may have been one of the greatest tournaments I’ve ever been to. Major Props to the Goodmans for putting on such an event. For those of you that don’t know, the All Stars are the equivalent of the East and West Bowl in college football. All four regions send their best to go head to head.

Luke Skiing

University World Team Trials were held in conjunction the day before and were pretty stellar as well. I didn’t finish quite as well in the team trial as hoped but I did manage to rack up a silver medal in Slalom at All Stars the next day while taking what felt like the slalom crash of a lifetime at 38 off.

As if these two events weren’t cool enough, they decided to throw in a night jump after all was said and done on Saturday evening. Getting to sit there after a great day of skiing with friends watching jumpers fly into the 160 foot range at night was crazy. Did I mention there was flames on top of the ramp? Yeah, welcome to college skiing.

Wait, there’s more. The “Pine Ride” slalom event. Each region was given a 2 x 4 and some carpentry tools and each region built their own water ski. The boots were pretty impressive, we screwed shoes from goodwill on those bad boys. A custom paint job finished it up before 7 people from each region went out to strut their stuff. It was during this that I saw some of the greatest crashes ever. The tip stuffing, out the front ejection, face planting insanity was too funny. Yours truly face planted on his way through the course. Shout out to Zach Kachele for being the only person to complete a pass and walk away unscathed.

With the setting being just 3 miles from the Canadian border, there was still snow on the mountain tops. The weather stayed pretty nice for us though, thankfully since everybody was camping out, another awesome feature off all stars. Four tournament events, one weekend, definitely no better way to end my collegiate skiing career. Whether you are in college or not, make it a goal to get yourself to an All Stars one day, and when you do, be ready to have some fun.


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