Team Vapor Welcomes George Obser!

June 11, 2016

Team Vapor Welcomes George Obser!

George Obser

Get A Grip Water Sports welcomes the latest Radar Vapor Lithium convert, George Obser. George is a great skier that many of us know in the southern region and most likely all over the US too. After all George is a pilot and takes his ski wherever he goes which I'm guessing means that he has probably skied in just about every lake in the US. We won't mention our competition in this blog but we will say that he previously was riding a very GOODE ski.

After a few sets and a few PB's on a 2016 67" Lithium Vapor, George had no trouble deciding to make the switch. In all honesty though, his PB's didn't come without a few conversations with Matt Rini which concluded with "Just stop tinkering with the &^%+ fin and SKI!" After following Matt's advice, George is a welcome addition to Team Vapor!

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