Luke Lockwood and a One-Two Punch

July 05, 2016

Luke Lockwood and a One-Two Punch

It seems pretty obvious that having a good start can make or break a pass. It can mean the difference between getting out the gates with a full pass or going inside of six by an inch. It’s happened to us all. Too many times to myself personally. Often times a bad start ends with a face-plant, a classic handle slam, or maybe even my personal favorite, the backwards wonker.

Now unless we all want to conclude our scrapped passes with a backwards wonker, we need to ensure we get started with a clean one-two punch which is a concept instilled in me by my father as far back as I can remember. The gate sequence, which is from the pull-out to the pre-turn into one ball, is unique from the rest of the course (obviously).

Ensuring a good gate sequence will allow us a better one ball, thus setting us up better going into two ball which also sets the rhythm for the rest of the pass. So to my dad’s point, if you get a clean gate sequence, a clean one ball and a clean two ball, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't run the entire pass. So how do we do this? It starts with the gate sequence which we'll talk about more next time.

Hit me up at for questions or comments. Feel free to send us any shots of your best backwards wonker!

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