2014 Masterline Masters Curves Product Review

March 23, 2014

Masterline has revamped their classic Masters Curves gloves for the 2014 year so Get A Grip Water Sports thought it would be a great time for a test drive. After all, this is one of the perks of owning such a fun business…


Upon initial inspection it is obvious that Masterline was getting away from the very functional yet obsolete black and white colors of the past and trying to create a more alluring look in the 2014 model with the sleek new graphics, patterns, and colors (red, black and grey).

Good job Masterline! Check #1…


It was more than obvious when putting on the new gloves that something big had changed. Masterline advertises a snug fit on the fingers and they were not kidding. The fabric feels like a stretchy leather and takes a minute to get on, but once they are on, they feel is if they were an extension of your hand.

Over the past few years it seems that the Masters Curves had lost their “curves” but with this new design and fabric choices, my fingers stayed in the curled position without effort. I have abnormally long and narrow hand and fingers and I almost always have problems with getting my straps tight enough. I noted that, because of the way the fabric stretches, the “back of the hand” strap fastened perfectly. My wrist strap tightened up enough but just barely. If you have normal thickness in your hand and wrist then I don’t think you’d have any issues… and if you are like me, you will barely make it in the optimal fit range… but, for me, that is better than 99.9% of the gloves on the market so this was impressive to me.

Great job Masterline! Check #2…


So hear me out on this.… I LOVE the dowel and strap type gloves (eg. Masterline Pro-Locks or Radar Vice gloves). I’ve been skiing primarily with either Pro-Locks or Vice gloves for the past 4 years. I find that there are two types of skiers.. Those who love the dowel/strap gloves and those who hate them. I happen to be on the “love” side of the argument. So my point is, I still prefer the dowel and strap gloves over a “normal” glove such as the Masters Curves.

The first dowel/strap glove that I ever tried was the Masterline Pro-Lock and it was about 2 months after Masterline introduced them to the market. Before that, I primarily used the Masterline Masters Curves gloves so I do have a history with this particular glove. When it comes to the normal non-locking type gloves, I’ve always preferred the soft Amara leather gloves. I like to be able to feel the handle and when I have too much Kevlar in between my hand and the handle, I simply don’t feel like I have handle control.

The new Masters Curves feel as if they are part of your hand. Masterline has also extended the length of the glove so the 2014 version works MUCH better for me. The straps were snug and held tight. For a non-locking type glove, I’d give ML an A+. I liked them so much, I’ll now be alternating practice between the Master Curves and my “go-to” locking gloves.

Exceptional job Masterline!!! Check #3…


Get A Grip Water Sports only stocks the high-end, tournament quality water ski gloves made by the high-end water ski gear companies. You can certainly find less expensive water ski gloves than what Get A Grip Water Sports offers but you will not be able to find better water ski gloves. Our glove prices range from $40 to $90. Priced at $54.90, we feel that the Masters Curves are competitively priced and offer great value for the tournament level skier.

Good job Masterline!!! Check #4…


At this time, I don’t have enough usage out of this particular glove to make any type of assessment. I can say this.. I’ve been a reseller of Masterline equipment since 2003 and a user of Masterline equipment long before that. Masterline gear will stand up to any similar product in the market. I personally only get 3-4 months (max) out of gloves when I use only one pair (ie. Not rotating between multiple glove types). That is a function of how much I ski and how hard I ski. Mileage will vary from skier to skier but I do know that Masterline has an exceptional record of quality products and is willing to stand behind any manufacturing defects.

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