Luke Lockwood’s 2014 ski season wrapping up with big wins!

August 03, 2014 1 Comment

Luke Lockwood Florida State Championships

Get A Grip Water Sports would like to congratulate Luke Lockwood on an impressive end of season going into the 2014 Water Ski Nationals. Luke has compiled a healthy résumé of wins this year, including a fourth place finish in the 2014 Collegiate All Stars, a first place finish at the 2014 Florida State Championships, and a first place finish at the Southern Regional Championships.

Congratulations Luke and good luck at the 2014 Water Ski Nationals! Get A Grip Water Sports is proud to have you on our team!

2014 Collegiate All Stars

2014 Collegiate All Stars. Note: Beautiful Young lady was a stand in for KC Wilson.

1st Place, 2014 Florida State Championships.

1st Place, 2014 Southern Regionals



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Gary josephson
Gary josephson

August 03, 2014

way to go Luke. Awesome and congrats.

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