Luke Lockwood scores big again in 2015!

August 22, 2015

Get A Grip Water Sports would like to congratulate Luke Lockwood for another great year in 2015! Luke is a senior at Florida Southern College in Lakeland Florida where he skis on the Moccasins Water Ski team. Luke is also sponsored by Get A Grip Water Sports.

Along with several first place local tournament scores, Luke came in 2nd place in the Florida State Water Ski Championships in West Palm Beach Florida, 1st place in the Southern Regional Championships in Paducah, Kentucky and although he took and early and unexpected fall, he still landed 9th place in the National Water Ski Championships in West Palm Beach Florida. Also worth noting is that this the 3rd year in a row that Luke has taken first place in the Southern Regional Championships. Additionally Luke received his first cash winnings this year at the Southern Regional Championships ski site where a head-to-head cash tournament was held. Luke came in third place behind Nate Smith and Dane Mechler.





Congratulations to Luke and to really all the young athletes who worked so hard throughout 2015! GAGWS is proud of you and your commitment to excellence!

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