Important Sizing Considerations for the 2012 Radar Decibel Ski Vest

May 23, 2012

The 2012 Radar Decibel Ski vest is made from modern 4-way stretch fabric designed to stretch beyond that of a more traditional ski vest. This specialized fabric provides a tight and sculptured appearance similar to sports shirts in other athletic venues. This vest fits very snugly when new and dry.

Radar Decibel Vest

Example: One of the owners of Get A Grip Water Sports is 5' 10", 170 lbs, and typically wears a 40-42 Regular suit jacket. He also fits comfortably into 2010 and 2011 medium Radar Strada vests. When the 2012 inventory arrived, he first tried on the medium 2012 Decibel, it was too tight...on to the Large...too tight...and then on to the X-Large. The X-Large felt good on land but, once in the water, he realized the X-Large was too big. He tried a Large in the water but, still to big. The large was a marginal fit but, potentially, medium would be better. 

So, back to the medium, this time an effort was made to actually zip it up. After a little work, the vest was on and felt OK; very tight, but OK. Once in the water and after a couple sets, medium is what he settled on.

Please keep this in mind: When new and dry, the Radar Decibel vest MUST be tight; otherwise, you will not be happy with it in the water.


Small 30 - 32.5 in 76 - 83 cm
Medium 33 - 35.5 in 83 - 90 cm
Large 36 - 38.5 in 91 - 98 cm
X-Large 39 - 42 in 91 - 107 cm

Note: Decibel vests were designed to fit like a second skin. Very similar to athletic shirts, the Decibel vest will streamline your physique with a tailored stretch. The vest should fit very tight when new and dry as they will stretch after getting wet and some use. So that we can maximize your satisfaction, make sure that you utilize the above chart when selecting your vest.

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