Meet GAGWS' new blogger, Luke Lockwood...

January 17, 2016

Meet GAGWS' new blogger, Luke Lockwood...

Alright water skiing fanatics, here we go. I’m new to the whole blog thing so you’re going to have to cut me some slack for the first few entries here. I, Luke Lockwood, am a member of the mastermind team behind Get A Grip Water Sports and am blessed enough to call them my sponsor as well. Walking into 2016 I’ll be blogging on here twice a month. We’ll be talking about everything including different techniques on the water, winter training techniques, proper nutrition for athletes, game-day mentalities, all the way down to what Eric Cartman would look like on a pair of water skis. Every other Monday you can find a new entry right here waiting on you to start your week off the right way whenever you need a five-minute break from work to dream about the lake a little.

Today I figured we would keep it simple and just get to know each other a little better. I’m currently a student at Florida Southern College going into my final semester. I’m majoring in exercise science with minors in biology and psychology. Hopefully, when I graduate I will be able to go into physical therapy school somewhere. For those of you that don’t know, Florida Southern is right on Lake Hollingsworth where I alongside of my teammates spend most of our days carving up the water. It’s the life, truly. It makes me a little sad that I have to leave soon. Paychecks sound nice, but skiing on the school’s bill while living on the lake just can’t be beat. When I’m not skiing or schooling I may be at work at Publix Pharmacy, where shopping is a pleasure. The rest of my time is usually spent in the school library believe it or not.

As far as my history with skiing, I was pretty much born into it. I may have actually been born into this world with skis on my feet; I just didn’t learn how to actually ride them until I was three. I didn’t even know how to swim. I was slaloming by five and competing by six. Trick and jump were never really my thing. My first time seeing a jumper, I remember freaking out thinking the boat went over the ramp as well. I was about to crap my pants until I realized only the skier went over the jump. I was the most relieved eight-year-old on the planet. I’ve grown up in Jacksonville my whole life; going to school in Lakeland is my first time getting out. Despite my Floridian roots and all the ski schools around me, I found myself venturing up to Eastman, Georgia training at Linda Giddens ski school throughout my childhood. Despite her influence in the jump industry and all the records she set, I grew up a slalom skier.


A few personal goals for this coming season are to finally knock down 38 off in a tournament and to get my open rating. I suppose the two go hand in hand for the most part. As far as a life goal, my dream is to run 39 by the time I can no longer ski or decide not to, whenever that may be. My father, Randy, got to 5 ball at 39 many times in his life but was never able to finish, thus setting the stage for my personal goals. Aside from skiing, I have actually made it a goal to make it on to the T.V. show American Ninja Warrior, so keep your eyes peeled for that one. Currently working on my entry video for that.

I’ll go ahead and wrap this one up, seeing as it’s a blog and not a book. Be sure to tune back in the next two weeks! Keep coming back and you may find yourself kept up to date on the latest and greatest deals none the less. If you have any questions or topics you want me to address, feel free to email me at



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