Chris Rossi 41off at 34mph 2013 Radar Strada

February 21, 2013

This is 41 off at 34mph on Chris Rossi's 2013 66" Radar Strada Ski. Chris Rossi commented "41 is still very short no matter what the speed. Biggest thing I notice is a larger window for error versus 36mph. The ski is set up exactly the same as I ride at 36. This was my first try at 34mph. Was an interesting set."

The point to take from the video is that Chris is a 36MPH skier and he is able to use the same fin/boot/wing settings and run an easy 41 off at 34MPH with his 2013 Strada. If you want to try Chris' settings, see our post "Pro Recommendations for Setting your 2013 Strada Fin, Wing & Bindings."

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This video was originally posted by Chris Rossi on Youtube Feb 18, 2013

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