Making the most of our ski sets while were in this odd point in the season

February 16, 2016

Hello fellow water sports enthusiasts, hope were all doing well this fine Tuesday. For those of you who were single on Valentine’s Day, I hope you had the opportunity to take your ski on a date to the lake. And for those of you who weren’t single, hopefully, you still did the same. This week let’s talk about making the most of our ski sets while were in this odd point in the season. In some places, the water’s starting to warm up enough to where we can ski touch and go; Except then it’s still cold, we’re out of shape, we’re inconsistent, and in the early season struggle.

It can be pretty easy to hop in the water and just tell yourself “I don’t care today” or “I’m just going to spin six passes nonstop”. We’re all guilty of it, let’s be honest. We have to ask ourselves, though, is that really helping me in the long run? The answer may vary, but typically leans towards no. So how do we make the most of these pre-season sets if all we are doing is drowning in our own misery and self-pity while were out there?

For starters, finding a way to overcome the cold is a major key. A wetsuit, a hot-top, a dry suit, you’ll want something. Even if it looks goofy, anything to take the edge of just a little will be a lot of help. After this, it’s going to come down to mind over matter. I know I know, easier said than done, but it’s true. After a while, you’ll at least begin to acclimate. If anything, achieving a level of focus so great that you can ignore the cold and concentrate on what you’re doing is excellent practice for a tournament. This is exactly what we need in tournament conditions is unbreakable focus. So consider it mental training as well.

So were on the water focused on what we’re doing and ignoring the cold and then bam, all of a sudden we are gassed. We now have one of two options, keep spinning until this set has become useless as far as improving technique or we set down and rest. Mind over matter, time to set down and rest. It doesn’t have to be between every pass, just limit the spinning to 2 or maybe 3 passes at a time. Even then, stamina is still going to be an issue. No pro skier is going to come out of offseason and spin multiple 39’ off passes, it just doesn’t work that way. For now, let’s keep the rope at a longer length and work on technique while we rebuild our endurance. If we try and build endurance at shorter lengths, then bad habits will start to emerge and then were taking one step backwards for every two we take forward. Obviously bad.

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Ski on weary travelers!


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