Keeping Your Car Dry with Moisture Absorbent Desiccants

April 20, 2013

If you are like me, constantly throwing wet kids, wet dogs, and/or wet ski gear into your car or truck, then you also probably have a constant battle with keeping your car smelling fresh. And if you live in a humid environment such as Florida, it is especially hard to keep the constant moisture from doing permanent damage to the interior of your vehicle.

To mitigate, I've tried most of the products you'll find in an auto-store related to covering up unpleasant vehicle odors. The results? I end up a musty smell that has a hint of summer breeze or lemon. 

So I finally found something that works surprisingly well. And if your are willing to look around a little, it will cost you nothing. Moisture Absorbent Desiccants come packed in just about anything that needs stay dry during shipping. If you receive something in the mail that came in a box, then look to see if there are any Absorbent Desiccants packed inside. Computer and other electronic equipment is almost always shipped with a large Desiccant package (or two). If you have an IT Department where you work, that is the first place to look because they are going to throw them out anyway.

If you place one of these gems in your car or truck, you will be pleasantly surprised how well and how long it works. It also works good in areas of your boat that don't normally get to dry out completely.


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