Extending the Life of Your Slalom Gloves

April 27, 2013

Radar Vice Gloves

When you load with 800+lbs of force 6 times each pass, it doesn’t take too many sets before your slalom gloves, handles and ropes will start to show signs of fatigue. Through the years, I’ve seen some crazy attempts to extend the life of handles, gloves and ropes. In the end, you have to realize that all are disposable. Better the equipment than your hands right?

An easy and cheap answer to extending the life of your gloves that really works comes in the form of needle and thread. Whenever your gloves start to show small tears, if you will just take a few minutes to sew the tear, you can double and even triple the longevity of your gloves. I’m living proof that you don’t have to be good as sewing to make a decent repair.

Shown below are a pair of my Radar Vice gloves. I use many types of gloves but I prefer the locking dowel/strap type gloves like the Radar Vice and Masterline Pro-Locks as they both extend my ski time and protect my hands. No matter what glove I use, I seem to tear them in the same location. It must have something to do with how deep I grab the handle. None the less, by spending 10 minutes with a needle and thread, I can keep the tear from opening up and thus extending the life of my gloves.

Radar Vice Gloves

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