Radar Lyric Aluminum and Feather bindings

June 30, 2013

We get lots of questions about the difference between the Lyric Aluminum and Feather bindings so we thought we should try and clarify just a little. The Lyric Feather frame earns its name from the fact that it is very light. Radar integrated the base with the outer shell which means the base and the shell cannot be separated as you can with the Radar Strada bindings or the Lyric Aluminum bindings.

A photo of the front Lyric with the feather frame is shown here:

Lyric with the feather frame

The Lyric feather rear is similar in that the base and shell are integrated.

Contrastingly, the Lyric Aluminum binding can be detached from the base plate. Shown here is the Lyric binding made for the Aluminum plate but without the aluminum plate:

Lyric with the Aluminum frame

The Aluminum plate Lyric is not as light and is not integrated (meaning more pieces) but it does offer more adjustment options. For example, for someone who wants their rear toes to be closer to their front heal, it is possible to get a little closer if using the Lyric aluminum binding system.

Below are a series of photos which show the bottom of an aluminum plate, as well as photo’s showing feather and aluminum frames.


We hope this helps a little, and if not, please feel free to email us at sales@getagripwatersports.com.

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