2013 Florida State Water Ski Championships

July 30, 2013 2 Comments

Get A Grip Water Sports would like to acknowledge all the talented water skiers who participated in the 2013 Florida State Water Ski Championships held at Stillwater Lakes in Palm Bay Florida. Get A Grip Water Sports would also like to thank the Space Coast Water Ski Club for working so hard before, during and after to make the event run so smoothly.

Although Get A Grip Water Sports congratulates every skier who made a podium finish, we were particularly focused on our youngest competitors who will be responsible for taking this wonderful sport into the future.

Congratulations to Natalie Hauser (G1), Cooper Tate (B1), Kelley Breeden (G2) and Colten Fry (B2) who all placed first place in the slalom event in their respective divisions.

As a token of our appreciation to their hard work, Get A Grip Water Sports awarded a Masterline Youth mainline; to Natalie and Cooper and a Masterline 8-loop mainline to Kelley and Colten.

Enjoy your tow ropes and keep up the good work!

Natalie Hauser (G1), Cooper Tate (B1)

Cooper Tate (B1), Natalie Hauser (G1), 

Kelley Breeden (G2) and Colten Fry (B2)

Kelley Breeden (G2) and Colten Fry (B2)

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Travis Hendrix
Travis Hendrix

October 20, 2013

Thank you Kelley for such a nice note! As much as you might have appreciated the rope, Get A Grip Water Sports enjoyed more the unbelievable talent displayed by yourself and the other young athletes during the 2013 Florida State Water Ski Championships. Watching the runoff between you and Brooke was one of the highlights of this year’s Florida State Championships. Kudos to you both on the way you handled the high-stakes, high-pressure ski event! You are what makes this sport so great!

Kelley Breeden
Kelley Breeden

August 11, 2013

Dear Mr. Travis and Get A Grip Water Sports,

I wanted to thank you very much for your support of the junior water skiers of Florida. As the Girls2 champion, I appreciate the prizes you provided for the winners of the Boys1&2 and Girls 1&2 divisions. Our tournament would not have been as special without your help. Thank you again for your support!
Kelley Breeden

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