Masterline Rope & Handle Color Options

October 20, 2013

Masterline currently offers 40 different color options for trick, jump and slalom handle braiding. If you do the math, you are looking at nearly 800 different rope color combinations. Since it would be impossible for Get A Grip Water Sports to stock all combinations, we've decided to stock only black on black braided handles. In doing so, we have not only simplified our inventory but we've also stocked a color that goes well with any ski, glove, vest combo. Not only that.. black on black just looks really cool.

This does not mean that we can't custom order whatever color combination that you want. Not a problem... Just know that it will typically add 2-3 days to your order processing time.

If you would like to order a Masterline trick, jump or slalom handle with custom color options or engraving, you should specify the Main and Second rope color in the "Special Instructions" area on our cart page.

- Main Color: White
- 2nd Rope Color: Blue
- Engraved Text: John Smith

When it comes to slalom, trick, and jump ropes, we can also get them made in custom colors (ie. all pink slalom rope). Just specify your color choice in the "Special Instructions" area when checking out. Like the custom handles, this will usually add 2-3 days to your order processing time.

Engraved text note: The maximum amount of characters allowable is 20. Engraved handles are non-refundable. They do carry the same warranty, but can't be returned for exchange of another item.



Masterline Handle & Rope Color Options

Black White Red Orange
Yellow Green Blue Purple
Silver Pink Navy Floro Green
Floro Orange Black/White Fleck Black/Red Fleck Black/Orange Fleck
Black/Yellow Fleck Black/Green Fleck Black/Blue Fleck Black/Purple Fleck
Black/Silver Fleck Black/Pink Fleck Black/Navy Fleck White/Red Fleck
White/Pink Fleck White/Navy Fleck White/Black Fleck White/Blue Fleck
White/Orange Fleck White/Yellow Fleck White/Green Fleck White/Purple Fleck
White/Navy Fleck Silver/Black Fleck Silver/Red Fleck Silver/Orange Fleck
Silver/Yellow Fleck Silver/Green Fleck Silver/Pink Fleck Silver/Blue Fleck

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