Radar Gloves Warranty

When you are making thousands and thousands of gloves each year, every once in a while, a manufacturing defect will slip through the cracks. The way a manufacturer responds to getting the customer back on the water as quickly and as painless as possible is what really matters. With Radar, mailing gloves back is a non-issue in most cases. The proper steps to obtain a warranty replacement follow:

  • Overview: Request RMA number » Write RMA on gloves » Cut gloves » Take and email picture » Get refund or replacement.
  • Tools: Scissors + Sharpie + Camera or Smart Phone

Step 1: If you purchased the Radar gloves from Get A Grip Water Sports, simply send an e-mail to customerservice@getagripwatersports.com and we'll send you the RMA number. Additionally, if you are a Get A Grip Water Sports customer and we have the same gloves in stock (or a mutually agreed to replacement), we will send you a new pair while the RMA is being processed so that you can get back on the water even sooner.

Important: Do not proceed with steps 2-4 unless you have first obtained the RMA number from Get A Grip Water Sports

Step 2: Once you get the RMA number, you will need a permanent marker, scissors, and a camera or cell phone (to take photos.) Write your RMA number across the back of the hand in permanent marker of both gloves. 

Step 3: Carefully using the scissors, cut from the back of the wrist all the way up to the tip of the middle finger; repeat for both gloves whether or not they both have the issue.

Step 4: Take a picture and email the photo to customerservice@ getagripwatersports.com with the subject of "Radar RMA #xxxx" where xxxx is the RMA number obtained earlier and upon receipt, Get A Grip Water Sports will ship the replacement gloves.